My search for meaning in life brought me back to art. It became a tool to sharpen my vision and provide stimulation for my brain, as I allow visualization through my minds eye as I read, observe and contemplate.  Utilizing my past skills with fabric and my life long love of it’s tactile effect, I have welcomed the marriage of these two forces, art and fabric into my work.

As I embarked on this journey I learned that it was the process of creating my own designs, playing with color, learning and experiencing serendipity which motivated me. New techniques, such a fabric dying and painting, have become my tools. The products are my legacy.  I hope to continue “many miles more” along this evolving pathway of my journey.  

I’m working to consciously develop a theme in my work, emphasizing the curved lines found in nature in contrast to the straight lines of man’s structures. I find curved lines express fluidity and change in life, a contrast to the restriction and constraint of straight lines.

my story


Retired from a 30 year professional career in Nutrition Administration followed by 10 years as a Realtor I took up volunteer work as a instructor at Coffee Creek Correctional Quilters in Willsonville, OR  from 2010-2013.  
I taught classes in quilt shops for jacket and quilt design and piecing: Dallas, OR and Wheeler, OR.
I took elective classes in art history and drawing St. John’s University Collegeville, MN.  I have participated in numerous classes and workshops from art quilters and fabric dyers.

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If you want to see more works, browse my Portfolio.

Fiber Art by Deborah Sorem